What you need and where to get it


Internet access and Chrome web browser,
Minimum requirement is a 3G phone connection

A Production and a User

At the time of release, both a Producer, and a Production need to pre-exist.
These are currently created by Quine.
The Admin of a Production has the right to add Users to that Production.
The primary Admin is assigned by Quine.
The production Admin can invite users to a Production.

At the time of this writing, you are most likely an early adopter and the Producer, the Production and your User pre-exists.
If not, contact: cds@quine.no

Tools to work with your production

To use QI: A Mac or PC
To use QuineCore: A smartphone, tablet or computer

Some files

Some files, like video-files, audio files, movie-slate script notes to start to get the idea.
You can download a sample-dataset here:

These applications

Quine Ingest (QI)
If you for some reason have not gotten QI alongside the invite to test, you can download it from here:

Adobe Premiere

The QuineCore Premiere-plugin
You can download the latest install for Mac or PC here

The current plugin has been tested with Premiere (version number)

Google Chrome
We test on a multitude of browsers, but Chrome is the baseline

Now you should be good to go.
The next pieces you might want are

OPTIONAL: To work with RED RAW material, you want to download and install RedCine-X
Windows: https://www.red.com/download/redcine-x-pro-win
MacOSX: https://www.red.com/download/redcine-x-pro-mac

OPTIONAL: Grab a copy of Movie®Slate from the AppStore.
Visit the PureBlend website here
You can make all kinds of notes in QuineLogger, but currently not until the video file is present in QuineCore.

The Standard version of Movie®Slate will do just fine for most productions.