Setting up a local destination

QI has a high level of automation, but if this is the first time you log into a project, you need to decide where your project-files should be saved locally before you can enjoy all the mojo.
You ca have as many local destinations as you want.

Here is a quick video showing the process:

To add a destination, you must open the “Destination editor”

If you log into an existing project from a new computer, you will get a list of all destinations used in the project so far:

To add a new local destination, use the “Add” function

That brings up a pop-up that let you browse to your destination

When you have added the destination, you should give it a recognizable name. As it is possible to ingest from multiple QI’s from multiple users from “all over the world”, it can be a good idea to name it in a way that it easily defines “this” destination.
Hit “OK”

Now you are all set to start ingesting.

Next time you open the destination list, your new destination will be ready:

Destinations that are not available, are marked as “OFFLINE”. If you know that you have this disk available, but f. ex. have switched between Windows and MacOSX, you can re-link to that destination by selecting it, and use the “Navigate” option: