Main Concepts

QuineCore is a powerful and revolutionary Project Asset Management System.

The main functions are:

  • Structured and automated ingest of files for local storage
  • Transcode and on-prem distribution of files based on project rules
  • Syncing of select assets with the QuineCore cloud service
  • Browsing Dailies, Review-files, VFXrenders and other froup of files in the cloud UI
  • Import, export and edit comments, log-notes and other annotation of assets
  • Share files and metadata with users and applications
  • Direct integration with Adobe Premiere
  • Sync “any” file or folder between users based on selections in UI or “production-setups”.

The three main components are:

QI (Quine Ingest).

This Mac or Windows application is used for copying “anything” into your project, reading metadata from files to database, rough classifications, structured saving on a local disk or NAS, Syncing files necessary for project management to the shared WebUI, Structured downloading of assets to external users (like editors, post-houses or producers).

To make structured writing of files possible

QC (Quine Core)

This is the centralized online database that structures your entire production.
Any asset ingested with and/or verified by QI have their entries in the database and can be shared with partners through QuineCore.

QB (QuineBrowser)

This is the web-based project-browsing, logging, annotation and selection tool.
The “GUI operating system” of your production.
“Anyone” in a production can and should have access to QuineCore and can maximize it for their individual use. In future versions, access will be restricted by users and roles.

At the time of release of V1, ONLY video-assets are viewable in the browser.

The logger is directly integrated in Adobe Premiere, but you can use the UI to share any file with any user through QuineCore.

Let’s get started!